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New details revealed about the astonishing vastness of Starfield’s gameplay

Watch the latest behind the scenes Into the Starfield episode by Bethesda, ‘Made for Wanderers’.

In this latest behind the scenes episode of ‘Into the Starfield’, Todd Howard (among other Bethesda developers) discuss what is in stock for players looking to explore the vast universe available in Starfield. Plus how the latest game developments will allow you interact with the environment in ways never seen before! See the episode for yourself below.

The ‘Into the Starfield’ series continues to preview new teases of what is to come from this newly anticipated game. Offering new and exciting information about the gameplay that Bethesda have been working so hard on developing for the last several years. This latest episode, discusses more of the specifics about what Starfield will be like from the perspective of the player. As well as some insights behind the thinking from the producers themselves, discussing some the concepts they have created for this exciting space epic. Read some of the featured insights explored within episode two ‘Made for the Wanderers’ below.

Starfield wants to put you as the player, in the driving seat as much as possible

Bethesda have always played with forms of decision making and choices within their games for as long as they have been developing open-world RPG’s. And they are certainly not the first or only game studio to experiment with decision making specifically affecting the experience presented to the player within the game.

Starfield is going back to Bethesda’s roots a little, giving the player a great amount of ability to define your characters abilities and traits much in the same way as they have offered in many of their other franchise releases. However, there is also a sense of additional repercussions from these choices. With hints of more additional dynamic game scenerios appearing throughout the storylines, which may affect in small ways the players perceived gameplay based the choices you make. An example given in the episode says, “what if combat breaks out right now?”. And you as the player are forced to deal with those consequences.

Character and NPC appearance will be more real than ever before

Sophisticated aesthetic character creation seems to always be a marker of an RPG’s prowess within modern games. And Starfield promises a level of character customization which is ‘levelled up’ from its previous releases. Bethesda have employed the same real world capture technology they use on building landscapes as they have for characters and NPCs in Starfield. This potentially means some of the most lifelike players and characters we’ve ever seen from a Bethesda game. Making the in-game experience as a believable and immersive as can be.

Astronaut shown in Starfield game trailer

Exploring various perspectives of the story simultaneously, is absolutely possible in Starfield

Like most RPG’s Starfield offers a series of quests to chose from, with multiple varying storylines and choices to explore. Within the game universe this will be accessible through different groups and factions that the player will come across while exploring the cosmos. This isn’t a particularly new concept of course, with similar styles of factions or guilds being present in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises.

However, what may be a different approach than from previous titles by Bethesda, is the ability to play potentially all aspects of these storylines without subverting other aspects of the gameplay that players may want to access to later. The example given is of the quest line associated with the ‘Crimson Fleet’; a group of space pirates that the player can either chose to join as a rival or ally. Either one giving the full experience of the created narrative, but without corrupting your character’s identity or the direct gameplay simultaneously.

Expect greater NPC companion and character interactions adding a greater immersive experience

Companions have always been a love/hate component of Bethesda games. With people either always choosing to play with a NPC sidekick, or preferring them to have as little to do with their in-game experience as possible. However, Starfield’s approach to companions may convert those less interested in sharing their adventures with other characters. Bethesda have worked hard to make the character companions available in Starfield as engaging as possible. Now allowing them to respond more dynamically, depending on the scenarios and environments a player finds themselves in. Although no specific examples are given, we can expect a more interesting assistants following us on quests within the Starfield world.

Starfield in-game player ship companion

Development on NPC interactions hasn’t stopped at companions however. In the episode, they discuss how relationships and interactions with characters may be adaptive depending on how you chose to converse and answer them. Having to persuade characters to behave in a certain way, may involve a greater involvement in interacting and communicating with that character than previously; where persuasion choices may have come across as basic and limited.

A deep and promising storyline awaits…

The final note of the latest episode of ‘Into the Starfield’, ends on the main themes present within the game. Clearly Bethesda have take the topic of the space genre, and combined it with some inspiring concepts of an existential nature. We are teased with ideas for the game being centered around questions of: ‘what is out there?’, and ‘why are we all here?’. Questions we assume are likely to relate to the yet to be detailed main storyline. Either way, what these behind the scenes teases from Bethesda seem to provide us most, is some interesting developments we are excited to see from the game. And the continuous evidence of creativity and perseverance that has gone into the development of Starfield over the last several years, which is likely to provide a vast and diverse universe to explore. Starfield at the very least, seems to be a game which really is made for the wanders.

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