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Settled Systems Starmap

Settled Systems Map

Settled Systems Map
Barnard's Star Maheo Cheyenne Alpha Centauri Sol Narion Procyon B Toliman Wolf Valo Sirius Luyten's Star Volii Bessel The Pup Van Maanen's Star Piazzi Kapteyn's Star Procyon A Tau Ceti Olympus Altair Muphrid Sakharov Sagan Andromas Arcturus Aranae Indum Oborum Prime Beta Andraste Eridani Carinae Ursae Minoris Eta Cassiopeia McClure Bradbury Guniibuu Kryx Delta Pavonis Vega Kumasi Groombridge Oborum Proxima Lunara Alpha Andraste Ursae Majoris Copernicus Copernicus Minor Lantana Denebola Porrima Al-Battani Shoza Alpha Tirna Beta Tirna Nemeria Bolivar Rivera Jaffa Nikola Hyla Ixyll Freya Rasalhague Nirvana Moloch Khayyam Beta Ternion Bara Alpha Marae Beta Marae Tidacha Ophion Heinlein Rutherford Linnaeus Delta Vulpes Gamma Vulpes Xi Ophiuchi Zeta Ophiuchi Bannoc Zosma Bannoc Secondus Alchiba Serpentis Heisenberg Feynman Newton Leviathan Bel Syrma Nirah Foucault Maal Decaran Alpha Ternion Kang Zelazny Sparta Leonis Rana Enlil Charybdis Schrodinger Proxima Ternion Strix Pyraas Verne Celebrai Bardeen Marduk Algorab Bohr Archimedes Fermi Masada

Barnard's Star

Level: 1


Alpha Centauri

Level: 1
New Atlantis
The Eye
Gagarin Landing


Level: 1
New Homestead
Nova Galactic Staryard
Nova Galactic Research Station
UC Vigilance
Deimos Staryard


Level: 1
Argos Extractors Mining Outpost
Kreet Research Lab
The Clinic
StroudEklund Staryard

Procyon B

Level: 5



Level: 5
The Den


Level: 5
Deserted Trade Authority Starstation

Luyten's Star

Level: 5


Level: 10
Chunks To Go
The Sonder

The Pup

Level: 10

Van Maanen's Star

Level: 10

Kapteyn's Star

Level: 10


Level: 15
Eklund Excavation Site CL25


Level: 15


Level: 20
The Key
The Lock

Oborum Proxima

Level: 25

Beta Tirna

Level: 35


Level: 35

Beta Ternion


Level: 45

Bannoc Secondus

Level: 50


Level: 55
Ka'Zaal Sulfur Mine

Browse every system, planet, and moon, with our interactive map of Starfield’s Settles Systems. Click on each system to see a list of all the planets, moons, stations and cities located within. Planet pages can also be clicked to see more details about each; including resources and environment conditions.

You can also browse all the planets and their resources in our helpful Starfield Planet and Resources Finder.

There are over 100 star systems Starield in total, and finding a specific one can be challenging, generally the universe’s left side is suitable is for lower-level systems, which gradually increasing in difficulty from left to right on the star map.

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Planet & Resource Finder

Easily filter the list of complete moons and planets in the Settled Systems!