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Starfield Concept Art

Bethesda have been releasing teasers and sneak peaks for Starfield since its announcement last year. Due for release at the end of 2022, you can view Starfield concept art for the game; including ship stylings, planet biomes, created cities, character design and apparel and much more.

For more news and behind the scenes info, take a look at the official Starfield site by Bethesda. Or browse through the wallpapers, videos and media we’ve collected for Starfield here. View all of the officially released conceptual art below.

Scroll through the Starfield Concept Art

(Click to enlarge)

Starfield concept art of landing space shuttle
Starfield concept art of urban planet scape
Starfield concept art of busy space centre
Starfield concept art of character observing crashed ship
Starfileld concept art of player alone on desert planet within the settled systems
Starfield Concept Character Art of in-game pirates, mercenaries and spacers
Starfield Conept Art of Bustling Dark Market Alley
Starfield Concept Art of Populated City Setting
Starfield concept art of character next to ship overlooking New Atlantis
Starfield concept art characters exploring cave in space suits
Starfield concept art of characters apparel duster space suit
Starfield concept art of characters apparel high quality space suit
Starfield concept art of characters apparel basic quality space suit
Drawn and painted Starfield concept art of character wearing helmet
Starfield concept art of futuristic buildings amongst rocks
Starfield concept art of spaceship hangar bay
Starfield concept art of planet Akila city market with mountains
Starfield concept art of Neon planetary city
Starfield concept art of player on planetary jungle
Starfield concept art of planets from view in space
Starfield concept art of player on planet with aliens
Starfield concept art steaming spaceship on planet surface
Starfiled Wallpaper Small Desktop
Cave concept art for Starfield
Spacestar Collective Space Western fantasy
Starfield Concept Art of under city fishing docs
Starfield Concept Art of the rail station transport system
Starfield Concept Art back of Crimson Fleet Pirate
Starfield Concept Art of metal working for Crimson Fleet
Starfield in-game exploring with a companion
Starfield concept art of starship above hole in planet
Starfield concept art player walking on planet surface
Starfield concept art three starships in space
Starfield Concept Art of the United Colonies
Starfield in-game player ship companion
Starfield player ship companion close up
Starfield Concept Art of the Future of Space Republic
Starfield Concept Art of the Freestar Collective
Frost Planet Starfield
Starfield Concept Art player in green swamp
Starfield Concept Art interior spaceship
Starfield Concept Art planet moon base
Starfield Concept Art blue cave with waterfall
Starfield Concept Art young woman reading at starship window
Starfield Concept Art starship docking pad sunshine
Starfield Concept Art starship across planets rings grey
Starfield Concept Art player in orange space desert

What does the concept art tell us about Starfield?

The released images by Bethesda gives us key indications to what Starfield will be like as a game. Its varying drawn environments suggests a vast expansive universe to explore. Also unlike previous franchises (including the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series), Starfield may have adaptive environments depending on where the player is located at any time. This could include different atmospheres, gravity, and weather conditions. Note the various space suits which are included in the artwork.

Each planet/locations is also likely to include different signs of life. Some of the concept art details vast wastelands. Other small settlements. And some big populated cities. Starfield might include a large galaxy to explore, but with only a percentage of the area is populated at all by other characters. Also, the covered/blurred faces of many character drawings gives a mystery to what characters/races in Starfield may look like. Is it possible all may not be humanoid? Indications of a giant crab like lifeform in one image suggests there will be at least some other forms of creatures; but is yet to be determined which are sentient.

Finally the spaceships. Bethesda’s Starfield concept art provides some great details to what ships in the game will look like. At least four can be seen clearly; all of different shape, sizes and colors. One in particular shows the crash of a giant spacecraft. What type of space vehicles you will be able to fly as the player, and the options available for customization is still also unknown. But these images give a great insight into the styling and potential of Starfield as a game.

What do you think about the Starfield concept art?

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