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What is Aurora in Starfield… and How Will it Affect Your Character?

In the sprawling futuristic expanse of Starfield, where the line between legality and criminality is sometimes blurred, you may have already run into a substance known as Aurora. This illicit drug, coveted by gangs and outlaws alike, possesses the power to alter the very fabric of time itself within the game. But what exactly is Aurora, how can it be obtained, and what are the implications of indulging in this potent contraband within Starfield?

The Origins of Aurora

Constructed on the water-covered planet of Volii Alpha, Neon City stands as a beacon of debauchery and defiance in the universe of Starfield. Its existence is intrinsically tied to a unique species of fish known as the Chasmbass, not for the fish itself, but for the precious oil it produces. This oil is the primary ingredient in the creation of Aurora, a substance that has become synonymous with crime in the city.

Starfield Aurora
The easiest place to purchase Aurora is from the Astral Lounge in Neon

The Effects of Aurora

Aurora, when ingested by a player’s character, unleashes a mesmerizing and potent time-altering effect. Everything slows down for ten brief seconds, giving those who use it a critical advantage in the heat of combat. In a game where survival often depends on quick reflexes and cunning strategy, Aurora can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Yet, the allure of Aurora comes at a significant cost. Outside of Neon, the drug is considered contraband, and attempts to smuggle it in or out of the city are fraught with peril. For players keen on harnessing its power, learning to craft Aurora becomes a tantalizing and treacherous quest. Not to mention if you take too much of the drug yourself, you may find your character hopelessly addicted.

Obtaining Aurora

There are several avenues for acquiring Aurora within Starfield. The most straightforward method is to purchase it directly from the bartender at the Astral Lounge, an infamous establishment within Neon City. Located at the far end of the club, the bartender tantalizingly offers the contraband to those willing to partake.

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, the Member’s Lounge of Euphorika provides access to Aurora. However, this privilege comes at a steep cost, requiring a hefty sum of 5,000 credits for an Euphorika Lounge Pass.

Crafting Your Own Aurora

The ultimate pursuit for any self-reliant player in Starfield is the ability to craft their own Aurora. This can be achieved through a series of quests and resource gathering, providing a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency within the game.

To embark on the path of crafting Aurora, players must first complete the “Loose End” quest. This initiates the opportunity to work shifts at the Xenofresh Lab, where you’ll be handsomely rewarded for producing the coveted substance. After toiling through three shifts, the coveted recipe for Aurora will be bestowed upon you.

Ingredients for Aurora

Crafting Aurora within a Pharmaceutical Lab necessitates a specific set of ingredients:

  • 2x Hallucinogen
  • 1x Benzeme
  • 1x Stimulant
  • 1x Chasmbass Oil

Of these components, Chasmbass Oil stands out as the most elusive and sought-after ingredient. While it can be procured from various vendors scattered throughout Neon, the most reliable source remains the Trade Authority. Additionally, adventurous players can venture beneath the city to hunt the elusive Chasmbass fish, their oil being a rare but potent resource.

With all the necessary components in hand, players can now embark on the process of crafting this potent hallucinogen. However, the disappointment may set in when players realize that the street value of Aurora doesn’t match the effort required to produce it. Selling for a mere 100 credits per dose, it pales in comparison to the exorbitant prices it commands within the Aurora Club.

The Perils of Smuggling and Selling Aurora

Once players have acquired or crafted Aurora, they face the formidable challenge of smuggling and selling it. Neon City, with its strict regulations and vigilant authorities, is a perilous landscape for those dealing in contraband.

The guards stationed at the Neon City Spaceport are vigilant in their mission to prevent the trafficking of Aurora. Any attempt to pass through their ranks while carrying the illicit substance will instantly trigger their contraband detectors, resulting in a swift and merciless bounty on the offender’s head.

To evade these vigilant guards, players must employ cunning tactics. Heading to the Ebbside of Neon City and ascending the stairs to the city’s summit provides a vantage point overlooking the spaceport. From here, players can utilize their booster pack to descend safely to their awaiting ship, bypassing the watchful eyes of the guards.

Shielded Cargo Ship Module

However, evading the guards at the spaceport is only one piece of the smuggling puzzle. To successfully transport Aurora between planets without detection, players must contend with contraband scanners.

One highly effective solution is to install a Shielded Cargo Ship Module. These protective modules can be obtained at the Red Mile on Porrima III or at the Crimson Fleet’s base, known as The Key. With this safeguard in place, players can confidently navigate the cosmos without arousing suspicion from scanning devices.

Selling Aurora can be a Risky Enterprise

Once you have successfully navigated the treacherous path of smuggling, the final step is to sell Aurora for profit. The most lucrative destination for this illicit substance is any Trade Authority shop. These establishments are renowned for their willingness to accept all manner of goods, including contraband.

While the promise of substantial profits may beckon, players must always be wary of the risks inherent in selling Aurora. Authorities and rival factions are constantly on the lookout for those who dare to dabble in this forbidden substance.

Aurora may offer the ability to manipulate time, which if used well can be a game-changer, but the road to obtaining and using it is definately not an easy one. For those bold enough to chase the allure of Aurora it can certainly become an adventure in itself.

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