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Starfield’s First Update Sees Initial Bethesda Hotfixes and Support

Starfield Receives Its First Post-Launch Update, Addressing Top Player-Requested Features and Promising Future Modding Support.

Already at the top of the Steam Store after one week from its official release, Starfield has certainly taken the gaming world by storm. Now, Bethesda is keeping true to some of its post-launch promises with news of Starfield’s first update, as well as expressing their immense gratitude and sharing details about the initial game update.

The message, delivered by Bethesda, begins with a resounding thank you to all the space adventurers who have embarked on this epic journey. Bethesda expressed their astonishment at the response from players and their unwavering love for the game. The developers made it clear that they are actively listening to the feedback pouring in from the community regarding improvements and additions they’d like to see. Bethesda emphasized their commitment to supporting Starfield for years to come, ensuring that the game evolves and thrives with the input of its player base.

One of Bethesda’s primary focuses with the initial update is to tackle any top blocker bugs or stability issues that have surfaced since launch. While fans may be eagerly anticipate new content, Bethesda recognizes the importance of delivering a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience.

What did the first update fix?

The first update, currently live, is a small hotfix aimed at addressing the most pressing issues that have been reported. However, Bethesda’s dedication to enhancing the game doesn’t end there. They have outlined a roadmap of regular updates to come, featuring top community-requested features. Some of the exciting additions players can look forward to include:

1. Brightness and Contrast Controls: Tailor the game’s visuals to your liking with improved control over brightness and contrast.

2. HDR Calibration Menu: For those with HDR-capable displays, Bethesda is enhancing the calibration menu for a more vibrant and immersive experience.

3. FOV Slider: Customize your field of view to find the perfect perspective while exploring the vastness of space.

4. Nvidia DLSS Support (PC): PC gamers with Nvidia graphics cards can look forward to DLSS support, enhancing performance and visual fidelity.

5. 32:9 Ultrawide Monitor Support (PC): An exciting addition for PC players who prefer ultrawide displays, further enhancing the game’s visual appeal.

6. Eat Button for Food: Streamlining the food consumption process to keep your character nourished as you venture through the cosmos.

Starfield Eat Button
When will Starfield get an Eat button?

Bethesda is also collaborating closely with industry giants like Nvidia, AMD, and Intel to ensure optimal driver support for their respective hardware. Each subsequent update will bring not only improved stability and performance but also increased compatibility with a wide range of gaming setups.

Promise of Future Starfield Mod Support

One of the most thrilling announcements from Bethesda is their commitment to providing built-in mod support (Creations) for Starfield. This feature will be accessible across all platforms, similar to their other successful games Skyrim and Fallout 4. The full-fledged mod support is slated for launch early next year, promising endless possibilities for players to shape and enhance their Starfield experience. Bethesda is encouraging the gaming community to provide feedback on how they can make this feature even better, highlighting the importance of modding and creativity in their games.

Bethesda concluded their update to players reiterating their dedication to the Starfield journey, and urging players to continue sharing their feedback and suggestions. Hopefully this indicates that development and support for the game will continue ongoing for the next few years.

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