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Constellation Edition REVIEW… Is it worth all the fuss?

What is the special edition of Starfield really like, and is it even worth the cost?

With the pre-ordered pricey Constellation edition of Starfield now arriving early on the doorsteps of eager fans, those without may be suffering from serious Starfield envy. If you’re one of the many considering forking out for this limited edition of the game yourself, you may want to read this detailed review so you know exactly what you’ll be paying for.

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What comes with the Constellation Edition of the game?

You likely have already seen promos by Todd Howard himself showcasing the special Constellation edition. However, for those who may not be as familiar, I’ll quickly run through what’s included in the package deal, as well as give my own verdict on what seems positive and not.

This pre-released version not only allows players up to 5 days early release of the game, but also provides a number of unique items and goodies. Obviously, the primary item is the standard version of the game, which is presented within a custom steelbook containing a redeemable download printed onto a credit shaped token. The download code will also provide a ‘Constellation Skin Pack’ for your characters, the Shattered Space expansion story (upon release), and access to the official digital Starfield soundtrack and art book.

The steel book however, is the only object to be contained separately; I think this may have been done to allow the other contents of the package to be sold separately if desired without having to part with your copy of the game. Everything else as part of the edition, is held within a plastic moulded reconstruction of your Starfield character’s inventory trunk. From what looks like a near-perfect replica, everything from the Constellation logo, print, and unique locking mechanism, have all been perfectly recreated. Inside includes a Constellation material patch (to do with as you please), and a Starfield Cronomark Smart Watch. The watch is also a replica of your character’s wrist wear, and menu in-game control. Bluetooth compatible with most Android and Apple smart phones, it offers a digital display with several common working watch features; all in identical Constellation styling. A spare strap is also included in case you prefer a fabric feel to your space watch.

Source: Bethesda.com

What can the the Chronomark Watch actually do?

Like most current digital devices, the watch comes with a wireless charging cord with a USB adapter. After you connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, you will need to download the official app which will sync automatically. The app allows you to control the watch settings, review the working manual, and update any patches when necessary. This seems to be the extent of all of the app to phone’s features however. From what I can tell, it will not function as other smart watches often do, with the ability to connect to separate applications or fitness trackers.

Within the watches display, there are a handful of useful features however. The watch includes a useful pedometer, of which you can set and monitor your step count for the day. Other metrics is supposedly records include a barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer, and the temperature. How accurately any of these readings are… I couldn’t say.

While your phone and the watch are connected, the display will also inform you of any incoming notifications. All alerts will appear as a preview on the watch face. Including notifications and messages from most apps, indicated by a brief vibration in the watch. While playing any music from your synced phone, the song title and artist will also be displayed. Allowing you to control the music setting straight from the watch controls.

The last remaining features seem a little less practical, but available all the same. A torch is included as a setting, yet appears as simply a brightened screen. I guess you could call this a torch function if you were in a dark cave and only wanted to see half a meter in front of you. Otherwise, it’s pretty useless. There is also a ‘moon phase’ screen, dictating the exact lunar phase currently. I personally have no need for this information, but I guess some might and it fits within the theme nicely. Lastly is a weather notification option, however, I have yet to work out how this functions or if it does at all.

Is the Constellation Edition worth the money?

Considering that the Constellation Edition of the game has been selling for up to $299, almost $200 more than the digital premium edition of the game (with all the same digital features), is the steel book, case, and watch really worth the additional price?

I believe it entirely depends on why you may want it. If you are an avid gamer, or even devoted Bethesda veteran, who is simply interested in playing the game, this edition may not be for you. However, if you are looking for a unique piece of Bethesda collectables, this package certainly offers some limited Starfield merch that you can happily display on your shelf.

The Constellation case may be a fancy box for the watch, but its attention to detail and styling has to be commended. It’s also worth mentioning that there really is some heft to it, which makes it feel at least somewhat valuable. In a similar way the watch is also limited in its functionality. This isn’t going to replace your usual smart watch I can say for certain. But as a collectible piece of functioning memorabilia, it’s a fun thing to play with and certainly a great collectable to own.

For anyone not concerned with the cost of a piece of expensive gaming collectables, this is 100% worth the investment. However, if you’re maybe doubting that you need more gaming merch that you’ll likely never use, I’d say you should probably just stick with the game instead. There will always be other Starfield Merch you can purchase later.

Watch the recorded unboxing below!

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2 thoughts on “Constellation Edition REVIEW… Is it worth all the fuss?”

  1. Watch have a major issue with firmware update and loosing the option to turn on the blurthoot, so its will be useles 15 dollar shit watch, and Bethesda support is just bubbling.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I haven’t had an issue updating the firmware on the watch myself, so I can’t speak to this. Although I have heard that some others did have issues, and that in at least some of those cases Bethesda agreed to replace the watch. I do agree as a functioning watch, the quality is not outstanding, compared to many other standard smart watches available. I totally believe the Constellation watch is meant much more as a collectors piece of memorabilia than as something to be used day to day. It possibly was always the point of the watch.

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