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Starfield collector’s edition watch leaked on reddit

Last updated: May 12th 2022

A possible version of the wrist watch being provided as part of the Starfield collector’s edition has been leaked on reddit. Images show multiple screen views and user interactivity.

Redditor user SquiddyVonn has provided images they have obtained of the wristwatch likely to be included as part of the Starfield collector’s edition of the game. Glimpses of the special edition collectables being offered have been briefly alluded to in previous behind the scenes videos.

Starfield collector's edition wristwatch and patch
Starfield watch and patch as seen in the behind the scenes video

A follow-up video shows the watches additional features. The Starfield watch appears to have various features such as tracking temperature data, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, a pedometer and displaying notifications. It’s all presented in a functional, futuristic UI that fits well with the game’s aesthetic.

The Wand company, which makes the device, has developed many other video game collectibles in the past. These include a Pip-Boy replica, a collectible die-cast Nuka-Cola truck and some very good quality Pokeball replicas. These leaked images could suggest a similar integration to Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy; but maybe with some more advanced features and integration. Given the popularity of Fallout 4’s Pip-Boy edition, we expect it to be a highly sought-after collectible, and the fact that it’s actually practical makes it even more appealing.

Where will I be able to purchase the Starfield watch?

Good question? It is yet to be determined where the collectors edition of the game and the Starfield watch and accessories will likely be available from. Depending on the production number that Bethesda decide to release this version, will affect the availability of such limited editions. All major retailers may stock the special edition of the game in small quantities. Otherwise, for an avid fan looking to secure their release of the special edition Starfield for certain, the latest updates and news will appear first from the official Bethesda Starfield site.

How long till we find out more info on the Starfield collector’s edition release?

It’s likely to be a while longer before we see any more details from Bethesda officially on the release (and cost) of Starfield collector’s edition accessories. But we are sure it’s likely to be in high demand and we are curious to find out more.

Are you likely to purchase the special edition Starfield release for the wristwatch? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: collectors box by Alex Dumbev from artstation

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