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Bethesda teases new cave environment for Starfield in released concept art

What is the significance of these geological caves? And what does it tell us about the game?

On Monday (27th December 2021), Bethesda tweeted a new concept art image showing a cave system with some interesting geological depictions. The tweet also was captioned with the message “What wonders will you uncover in distant caves?” We have already seen numerous concept art suggesting you as the player will be able to visit caves across the various planet biomes. However, does this update imply there are specific discoveries to be made within the caves themselves?

Caves have featured heavily in The Elder Scrolls series before, and it is not surprising that they will feature here again. With little understood currently about the nature of the players in-game missions, and exactly what achievements will be received from discoveries on each planet, comprehending the nature of interactions with the environment is still very much a mystery for us.

We speculate that caves such as the one displayed in the latest concept art, are environments for players to collect rare and unusual substances. This could very well be something similar to the mineral mining which is a significant part of No Man’s Sky. Alternatively this could be part of the overarching theme that Starfield has frequently been promoted as; the quest to answer humanities greatest mystery. It seems we’ll have to wait a little longer until Bethesda releases more to find out for sure.

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