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Bethesda adds Starfield to Steam Store

Starfield is now live on the Steam store to access. Has Bethesda gone live with this now for a reason?

On Thursday Bethesda uploaded a game profile for the upcoming Starfield onto the Steam store. (Click link to see for yourself). The Starfield page features a general description for the game, as well as some of the in-game screenshots and trailer footage we have already seen previously. There is an option to add to the Steam wishlist, but no further pre-order or purchase options.

Screen grab from Starfield trailer of writing on mirror
Screenshot from official Stafield Trailer

Why add Starfield to Steam now?

The timing of the Steam reveal seems a little peculiar in our opinion; considering the game is still set for release for November next year. Could Bethesda be likely to reveal more yet to be released content soon featuring the game. Alternatively, a pre-order for Starfield may be available soon; which might explain its addition to the store.

Like previous Bethesda releases, Starfield is expected to be a big seller for next year. Their large open-world RPGs often get mass purchases upon release. With many people excited for the game release reserving their own copy for the launch day.

Could Bethesda be planning on releasing a game demo?

It has yet to be done by Bethesda to release a demo for trial gameplay of one of their games. However, with Starfield already receiving lots of attention, and being still just under a year until release, offering a snippet of a playable part of game may be a sensible move for Bethesda. Providing more background for the game to fans in the mean time, while also still drumming up anticipation for the release. This could be another explanation for its appearance on the Steam store in preparation. Especially to offer fans over the Christmas period.

Astronaut shown in Starfield game trailer
Could a playable demo be on the way for Starfield?

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