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Meet Vasco! Starfield’s new in-game companion

See the latest in-game reveal for Starfield’s player companion Vasco in this behind the scenes video by Bethesda.

This week Bethesda have released another teaser video demonstrating what will be one of Starfield’s in-game player companions called Vasco. According to Istvan Pely (Bethesda’s lead artist who is narrating the video), the character background of Vasco is described as an early model robot built by Lunar Robotics. Refurbished by Constellation, made to aid them (and you the player of course) in their mission across the stars.

Vasco is a companion who’s purpose and design is to travel with players across various types of terrain, equipped with various survival gear and the ability to hold your additional inventory items. Like the companions we are familiar with from Bethesda games, companions like Vasco have ‘defensive capabilities’; likely meaning he can assist you in combat situations when necessary.

See more about Vasco for yourself in the official Bethesda video below.

What do we think of Vasco…

In quest companions have been a common addition to Bethesda games since The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. And based on the description and styling, Vasco reminds us very much of one of Fallout 4’s starting companions Codsworth. A friendly and helpful character to tutor you early in the game, as well as provide in-game assistance should the player require it.

From the surface a character such as Vasco is potentially just an additional device Starfield employs to provide a fuller and more rounded game experience. Although, Bethesda have referenced him from early on. With the character being shown as early as the teaser trailer released back in 2021. Vasco has also been mentioned as a prominent feature of Starfield in the most recent ‘Into the Starfield’ behind the scenes episode. The detailed backstory and notable reference to his association with Constellation also suggests potentially a larger part to play in the game’s main story. Being maybe a more integral inclusion to Starfield than he initially appears.

Overall, we continue to enjoy Bethesda’s attention to detail and creativity that are shining through in their pre-release promotional content so far. We eagerly await for more shared game developments and the teasers to come.

What so you think of Vasco so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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