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Will there be a Starfield MMORPG by Bethesda?

Leaked updates by Bethesda suggest a possible online version of Starfield is in the cards

A new upload from games vlogger SkullziTV, claims the possibility of an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) version of Starfield is currently in the works by Bethesda. The YouTube posted video goes on to propose a number of signs and evidence which he believes proves a hidden unannounced game being produced by Bethesda’s Montreal studio.

The evidence given relates to previous job postings that Bethesda have since obscured and removed for server engineers. He also suggests particular details that Todd Howard has revealed about the universe which Starfield is set in, reveal clear clues to a potential Starfield online setting.

SkullziTV suggests the indie MMORPG would be set 20 years before Starfield, during the colonial war between the aforementioned United Colony and the Free Star Collective. Of course this is entirely just speculation, which is admitted in the video itself. Whether Bethesda really are producing an online multiplayer related to a game to yet even be released is an unknown, and something we’ll have to wait to confirm.

Watch the video yourself below, to listen to SkullziTV’s theory for yourself. Subscribe to his channel for more theories and updates about Starfield among other relevant game news.

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