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About the Game

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Starfield game by Bethesda.

What is Starfiled?

Starfield is an upcoming open-world RPG game by Bethesda Game Studios. Bethesda are also known for creating other popular game franchises such as The Elder Scrolls and the Fallout series.

What is the Starfield release date?

Starfield is due to be released according to Bethesda on the 11th November 2022 (11.11.22).

What consoles will Starfield be available on?

So far Bethesda have confirmed at the 2021 E3 conference, the game will be released on Microsoft Windows (for PC), and the Xbox Series X and S exclusively.

Will Starfield be on the PS4?

No. Starfield will not become available on the PS4, the PS5 or any other console apart from the Xbox S/X series, due to Bethesda being acquired by Microsoft.

Will Starfield be available on the Xbox Game Pass?

Yes. Starfield has confirmed the game will be available to anyone with an active Xbox Game Pass subscription from day one of the games release. (11th November 2022)

Where can I pre-order Starfield?

The game is not officially available for pre-order yet. This will likely change closer to the release date.

What game engine will Starfield use?

Starfield will use the Creation Engine 2, created by Bethesda Game Studios themselves. Starfield is the first game to use this new engine, and is rumoured to be a significant leap forward in RPG and open-world games.

Will Starfield be multiplayer?

No. Starfield has been announced by Bethesda as a single player focussed game.

What player age rating will Starfield be released as?

Bethesda have confirmed that Starfield will be given a PEGI 18 certificate. The game will not available to purchase from individuals under 18 years of age and it is recommended that you are of the required age to play it by the games certificate board.