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Bethesda have just released new exciting information about Starfield’s gameplay

New behind the scenes developer commentary has been shared on Bethesda’s official social channels today in the form of three short 30 second videos. Watch below and read what we think they reveal about the game.

There have been much anticipation about the locations of Starfield since the games announcement. And Bethesda have played it quite close to the chest what game features will be included. Hints from released promotional videos and screenshots have hinted at some in-game locations. However, today Bethesda have released information about three official Starfield locations. Read and view the content for each (Akila, Neon and New Atlantis) below.

Akila City

Akila city is clearly a bustling a busy. Mentioned as a capitol city of the ‘Freestar Collective‘ (what is that?). Describing it as a “loose” collective of three distinct star systems, makes us think this is very much an outlands location. A kind of Tatooine which attracts a range of colourful characters and storylines.

A wall surrounding the city is also mentioned. Referencing dangerous predators known as the Ashta! Described as an alien which features resemble a cross between a wolf and velociraptor. We’re keen to see a further release of what they may look like. Maybe this is more of a Hoth planet as opposed to a Tatooine after all.

Starfield concept art of planet Akila city market with mountains
Akila City, described in the video as a bustling city, bursting with individuality


Another Starfield location announced is a city called Neon. Built on a giant platform above a sea, the video released describes it as a fishing platform built on a nondescript aquatic world. Owned and operated (we assume) by the Xenofresh Corporation, who use the fish to create a psychotropic drug called ‘Aurora’. We would love to know more about this corporation, and are all of its business activities as morally questionable? Considering Bethesda have previously offered many varying choices for players in their games, from thieves to assassins, including some nefarious locations within Starfield makes sense.

More details about the city itself specifically aren’t mentioned. It reminds us a lot of the giant celestial head Knowhere, and we can’t help but wonder if this served as some sort of inspiration. Clearly however, the focus on the (il)legal drug Aurora suggests this could be a significant part of the game play and maybe story line. And considering Todd Howard labelled it himself as a “Han Solo simulator…”; it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to assume we might be smuggling some Aurora at some point past a blockade.

Starfield concept art of Neon planetary city
The city of Neon, contains some questionable activities

New Atlantis

We already was aware of New Atlantis as reference to the game. And considering it’s repeated mentioning, we think that this may be a central hub for the Starfield game’s world/map. Much like how the Imperial City was for Oblivion. Much more seems to be revealed in the details of New Atlantis’ commentary video. For one the concept of its space port reveals is size and inhabitants is likely to be considerably larger then the two previous locations revealed. And it being the capitol city of the ‘United Colonies’. Which will be the most power faction in the game.

The mention of factions again raises more questions. If there are other factions are they at war. Similar to the conflict within Skyrim? Although the premise of Skyrim and parts of Fallout for that matter, was much more about choosing a side. Starfield may allow the player to act more in between the regions of each factions. Playing either side at will or exploring more of one faction than another by choice.

The other fascinating reveal from New Atlantis, is its description as a “true melting pot”. With residents from every “race, creed and ethnicity”. Apart from conjuring ideas of New Atlantis being a futuristic New York, Bethesda’s suggestion of various races as well as creeds and ethnicity may be a confirmation of alien races featuring in the game after all. We know from the repeat mention of the human race, that earth’s future is a big part of the games direction. However, the inclusion of intelligent alien species to communicate with has not been previously confirmed. This seems much closer to establishing that fact than ever. And we are eager to find out more about any included species if they are indeed featured in the games.

Starfield concept art of character next to ship overlooking New Atlantis
One of the most futuristic shots we have seen on the game so far

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