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Hidden secrets you may have missed in the latest Starfield Trailer

The latest Starfield trailer has revealed lots of hidden easter eggs about the new eagerly anticipated Starfield game. Not due for release until November 2022, most details about the game are still kept tightly under wraps. We’ve dissected every second of the latest trailer to find out as much as possible. Read below to see everything we’ve think you may have missed.

Watch the full trailer here to familiarise yourself.

Bethesda is heavily promoting the power of their new Creation Engine 2

Right from the offset the trailer makes it clear that what we are looking at is the game footage itself, and it’s using its newly updated game engine (developed by Bethesda themselves) the Creation Engine 2. What we can expect is an improved version of the game functionality and graphics seen in the previous Bethesda RPG games since Oblivion; including Skyrim and the Fallout series. Enhanced game engine features will likely control character, NPC and vehicle movement, character creation/adapted appearance, in-world interaction and appearance and of course more advanced graphics definition.

The improved graphics here are the most obvious to be recognised from the trailer relating to the Creation Engine 2. The sleek look and feel of the video could be mistaken for a separately created promotional video or cut-scene, as often used by game studios when promoting their releases. But this has been labelled as in-game footage from the very start of the trailer. And this wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda has pushed the boundaries of the extent of what is possible in game production with the release of one of their games. What’s more, with its timed release and development crossing with the release of the new generation of the Xbox X and S consoles (of which they will be exclusively available on), suggests that Bethesda may have made use of this newer generations more powerful processors and graphic capabilities for the game.

Screen grab of latest Starfield trailer detailing creation engine 2 reference
The first few seconds announce what could become Starfield’s strongest element
(Image credit: Bethesda)

We can still expect that familiar Bethesda game feel

The Elder Scrolls franchise and Fallout series seem to share a number of common themes. For instance variations of locks and lock/code breaking feature in both. Character levelling and skill selection. Both weapon and armour categories, as well as the abilities to customise and upgrade them. We imagine that a lot of these features are likely to appear in some form in Starfield as well. And the trailer shows hints of some of these themes in certain places.

If you take a close look at the cargo bay of the ship you see the character initially walk into, there are a large range of items and apparel stored on display. One of the most noticeable being the med pack attached to the wall on the far left. Likely hinting at a healing station or possibly an item to collect to restore health when needed. Not so different from the med packs players often find about in the Fallout games.

There are many item box, bags and containers lying about the room. Considering you seem the player wearing a possible storage pack on their back, it would not be surprising if a limited inventory space will be part of the game’s playability. With the option to store items in accessible containers when needed. Such containers and inventory management has been a staple of Bethesda games since the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Also, right at the back some prominent tanks can be seen. Their purpose so far isn’t very clear, but we can guess maybe oxygen for unbreathable atmospheres or fuel to power booster rockets and machinery.

Screen grab of latest Starfield trailer showing ship cargo
The details shown within the trailer suggest a lot based on what we already know
(Image credit: Bethesda)

You might have to deal with anti-gravity in space

Expanding on the idea of lack of atmosphere, is there a suggestion during the trailer that players may have to deal with the concepts of varying/loss of gravity in space and on planets with different atmospheres? The wide shot of the cabin clearly shows what looks to be an interactive cartography map table. Possibly something which reflects the style of user menu and navigation that Starfield will use. However, the side clearly can be seen to say “No magnetised objects in display”. The suggestion of magnetised objects, plus the spacesuit that can be partially seen in the background, asks the question ‘will Starfield contemplate the issue of gravity in space’?

Not many space games attempt to replicate an anti-gravity environment. Many will use the rules of popular science fiction such as Star Trek or Star Wars (take you pick to whichever is your preference), and assume that gravity technology is already established. But we know that Starfield is only set 300 years in the future. And the stylised technology labelled as ‘NASA Punk’ by Todd Howard himself, suggests that this could be a new part of gameplay we have rarely seen before. Furthermore, could this be another use of the new Creation Engine 2. As this would certainly be a new game feature Bethesda have never needed to use before. We think either way, it would be a fantastic concept to include and would certainly set Starfield further apart from other space genre games.

Screen grab of starship table from Starfield trailer
We can’t tell how many clues may be staring us in the face
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Your ship will likely have a crew of its own

We’ve seen glimpses at other likely prominent characters already, in Bethesda’s released promo posters and concept art. However, details of characters and storylines are still very much a mystery. It also isn’t clear what exactly the dynamic will be concerning space travel and your spaceship. The trailer gives a strong indication that you will indeed be able to pilot the crafts and vehicles. But something a little unexpected is the suggestion that you may have a crew as part of your gameplay.

This isn’t an entirely knew concept in the Bethesda games. There are have always been factions and guilds you can join. And the more recent games have offered increased options for NPC companions to participate in the game with you, how and when you choose. The indication that a crew may be part of Starfield is most clear in the mirror of the spaceship. Keen eyed viewers will be able to make out a conversation between the possible crew members. One note, as a reminder to “Remember: Cydonia Security does NOT have a sense of humor…”. Another is a more obvious conversation, asking ‘Vasco’ (who’s he?), “…we’re out of Tranquilitea. Do not get Deuf”.

Of course, this information only creates more questions. Will you be able to choose and customise your crew? How much of a role will they participate within the gameplay? Will your crew level in skills as you do? Only time and patience will be able to answer these questions unfortunately until more information is released.

Screen grab from Starfield trailer of writing on mirror
Shots like this suggest a lot about what we can expect from the gameplay
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Exploration and discovery is going to be a big theme of the game

The latest Starfiled trailer begins to provide us with some hints at what the game’s main story may be about. Todd Howard has stated already that this game is about humanity exploring the universe, and asks some pretty big questions about our purpose and what’s out there. This very well may be playing on real current trends in space travel. With the increased interest of new space programmes such as SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. And as the first new franchise in 25 years for Bethesda, a storyline which introduces the player to all of the facets and understanding of the Starfield universe is a great way to open up a potential new series in games.

An element which makes a repeated appearance in a lot of the released Starfield footage so far is some sort of beacon like technology. It may be a bit of a small leap to assume these are all part of the same thread, but similarities in their design cannot be ignored. The initial announcement trailer, as well as promotional posters show a beam of red, blue and yellow light; which appear to now be the theme colours used by Bethesda for the game. Also the sketches, which receive quite a lot of attention in the trailer, show a similar looking structure to the drawn concept art presented. At the same time, the video narrator mentions “what you’ve found is the key to unlocking everything”. And “we’ve come to the beginning of humanities final journey… To discover what is out there”.

In conclusion…

What this structure and reference means in the trailer is unclear. But it certain to be a part of the game’s main quest, and the themes of discovery and exploring the likely vast universe Bethesda will create for Starfield will be at the forefront of the game’s objectives. Bethesda have always been as focussed on creating detailed lore and storylines within the worlds they create. It can only be assumed that they will continue to give just as much consideration when constructing Starfield.

Screen grabs of mysterious object Starfield
We’re not sure what this is, but it sure is likely to be important
(Image credit: Bethesda)

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