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Nexus Mods gets ready for Starfield release on PC

Nexus preps for the new Bethesda game, with dedicated pages and forums ready for Starfield’s November release.

Nexus Mods has been been one of the prime modding directories for Bethesda games since 2001; now hosting over 60,000 dedicated mods for Skyrim alone. Now the well-known modding site is officially preparing for Starfield’s release. A dedicated wiki for Starfield has been established as a placeholder on their site.

Nexus Mods for Starfield
Support of additional game modding promises even greater playability and user created content for Starfield

Nexus Mods have also geared up for Starfield with their own dedicated ‘Starfield Modding Discord‘ channel. Available to freely join, Nexus Mods have taken a committed approach to Bethesda’s new release by creating its very own server as opposed to mixing with their main game modding server. On top of this, there is also established Starfield modding forums, with preset subs already in place. If you’re interested in more user based discussions about the game, don’t forget to check out our own Starfield Forums.

Surprisingly, Nexus Mods has hinted at a partnership possibly already in the works with Bethesda themselves. Likely receiving early information about the game to provide a more enhanced mod sharing platform. Todd Howard has confirmed himself that Starfield will have full mod support. Could this have been the driving force that Nexus Mods has jumped so readily for? Is is possible that Starfield will have additional modding capabilities, not yet previously seen in their previous franchises (hence the Bethesda early discussions)? Maybe they are just as excited about Starfield as we all are?

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Will you be modding Starfield to play it? What do you think about the early preparations by Nexus Mods? Let us know in the commnets below.

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