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Lock Picking

Some of the best loot and can be found in locked chest or behind restricted doors. Picking locks can also be a lot easier than searching for, or stealing a key. To successfully pick a lock you will require i) enough digipicks in your inventory, ii) a high enough lock picking skill level. Some locks cannot be picked at all, and can only be opened with the correct keycard.

Lock picking minigame

Assuming you have enough digipicks on you and you are of the required level to pick the lock, the lock picking interface will appear. Every lock will have several rings (the number depending in its skill level) each with distinctive slots. These slots are unique to each lock, and must be solved independently every time to succeed.

starfield lockpicking

Rotate the rings over each level and select the appropriate dial to fit the slot. Note: a dial may only be used once, and all the dials must be used to pick the lock. When all the levels have been unlocked, you will have successfully picked the lock.

Watch the video below to see how it is done in practice.

How to pick a lock


Digipicks are solely used to pick locks. They can be found in chests or as loot freely available around the game. They can also be discovered in character’s inventories (either through picking pockets and deceased corpses), or sold by criminal vendors.

Digipicks can be located within your inventory under the ‘Misc’ category. Be sure not to accidentally sell or drop these however when getting rid of the unwanted junk you may be carrying.