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Starfield Console Commands

Master Starfield Console Commands, from levelling up your character, to spawning random items… the universe is yours!

Bethesda games are known for the massive worlds they throw at you, and Starfield is no different – in fact it throws over a thousand massive worlds at you! There’s no doubt it can be overwhelming, and perhaps you’d rather the game took its foot off the gas a little and allowed you to explore – or leave a trail of carnage – at your own pace. Whether you want to turn yourself into a bullet sponge, unlock any door without trying or even just want to give yourself 5000 sandwiches; you need look no further than that old Bethesda favourite, console commands!

How to Use Console Commands in Starfireld

If you’re playing the PC version of Starfield, it’s incredibly simple. You press the tilde key (`), which is most commonly situated above the Tab key on a standard keyboard. You’ll get a prompt telling you that achievements are disabled when using console commands but otherwise – voila! The console is open and you’re ready to go. You simply type in the code you want to use, hit Enter and close the console. Easy peasy.

Starfield Console Commands
Console Commands are easy to use on PC

Console players, unfortunately, don’t have access to the console. However, if you’ve purchased the game from the Xbox store or are playing via Game Pass, you can use the cross save functionality to your advantage. You’d still need access to the PC version of the game, but seeing as Starfield is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you should already have access to it just by owning the game on Xbox/via Game Pass. You’d need to install/stream the game on your PC, then use your save file from the Xbox in the PC version. Here, you’d be able to use the console and then see most changes you could possibly make reflected in your save file when you return to playing the console version (there are a few exceptions, such as ‘God Mode’ which will not work on console whatsoever). This wouldn’t work with the Steam version, of course – only the Xbox app/Microsoft store version. 

Helpful Console Commands

Here’s a few of the most helpful codes you can use in Starfield (note that ‘#’ will always represent the value/amount you want to add):

  • tgm – Toggles God Mode
    • With God mode active, you’ll be immune to damage, you won’t use up any ammunition while firing your weapon and you won’t use up any oxygen while you sprint. You’ll also be prevented from becoming overencumbered – meaning you can pick up anything and everything you want!
  • tim – Toggles immortality
    • Similar to God mode except this one is purely about preventing you from taking damage
  • tcl – Toggles collision
    • Basically removes the restraints of gravity altogether, you can walk through floors, walls and the air (or lack of) to your pleasure
  • tfc – Toggles free camera
    • Leave your character exactly where it is and go flying around as a first person camera
  • player.additem f # – Adds credits
    • E.g. ‘player.additem f 4672’ would add 4672 credits to your current tiele
  • player.additem a # – Adds Digipicks
    • As above, except this time for Digipicks
  • player.setav carryweight # – Sets Carry Weight
    • As above, except for your carry weight
  • player.additem [Item ID] # – Add item to your inventory
    • This code will require you to know the exact item code for the item you wish to add, which you will place into the code above where the brackets are (you won’t need the brackets in the finished code, though)
  • help [Item Name] – Displays item code for specific item
    • You can use this code to find the exact item code you’ll need, simply replace [Item Name] with the item you want the code for
  • Player.placeatme [item id] # – Spawns the chosen items/creatures in front of you
    • Can be used for 1 or multiple of any item/creature. Depending upon how beefy your machine is, this command could make your game liable to crashing or, if you go too far, even harm your PC. Best to avoid spawning more than you’re sure your game can handle
  • player.setav health # – Sets your maximum health level
  • player.setav speedmult # – Sets your characters movement speed
    • 100 is your base speed, so higher = faster and lower = slower
  • player.addperk [perk id] – Add skills, perks and backgrounds to your character
    • You can use the help command to find the Perk ID you need
  • Player.removeperk [perk id] – Remove skills, perks and backgrounds from your character
    • As above
  • tmm 1 – Adds map markers for all locations on a planet
    • This can’t be undone once enacted
  • unlock – Unlocks a targeted door or container
    • With the console open, click on the door/container you want to unlock, enter the command and GO GO GO
  • kill – Kills a targeted NPC
    • With the console open, click on the NPC you’d like to unalive, type kill, hit enter and witness death
  • kah – Kills all hostile NPCs around you
    • Say goodbye to all of your nearby enemies
  • killall – Kills all enemies and NPCs around you
    • Say goodbye to everyone

There are, of course, many more Starfield console commands available to use, but these are probably the most common and helpful. Are there any commands missing that you think should be included? Feel free to let us know in the comments below, and we’ll get them added…

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