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Forum Rules!

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    Welcome to the Starfield Guide forum!

    Please read and obey the rules listed below before commenting in this forum or you will be removed:

    1. Please be respectful of others and do not post any comments or replies that may be considered offensive. There shall be absolutely no posting of hateful, bullying or harassing posts or speech in any form. We encourage other users to report these posts when discovered. This forum is moderated to provide assistance and also remove any submissions or users who do not follow the rules listed.
    2. Do no submit posts unless you have something meaningful to add to the discussion. Any spam or pointless submissions will be removed and the poster likely permanently banned. This also includes posting any advertisements or promotions to other sites or videos which is not helpful or meaningful to the relevant discussion. These will also be removed and blocked.
    3. Please try not to ruin the game for other players without some warning of **SPOILERS** beforehand. Obviously this is difficult to specify and moderate, so we ask you to use your best judgment and simply be considerate of others.
    4. No graphic, explicit or illegal content is to be discussed shared or posted.

    Do introduce yourself in the General Chat area to the community. If you feel comfortable tell people a bit about you and join in on the conversations and topics you’re interested in.

    We try to provide a safe space for people to talk about Starfield together, however please still be vigilant. Especially concerning sharing personal details about yourself and communicating with other users directly. Remember to stay safe, and please read our top tips on how to use the forum and our site safely.

    Apart from that we hope everyone enjoys and produces some interesting threads that everyone can appreciate.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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